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2014, Sarawak, Malaysia

Nurse, Christina Maya, prepares medical supplies for her daily visit to villages as a Village Health Promoter. 

Sarawak is one of two Malaysia states on the island of Borneo. Sarawak is situated on the northwest of the island, bordering the state of Sabah to the northeast, Indonesia to the south, and it contains Brunei, the only country that is enclaved on the island of Borneo. The administrative capital is Kuching, which has the population of 700,000. Due to its geographical structure, indigenous communities in Sarawak live in remote areas of borneoÕs rainforest, challenging the childrenÕs access to their basic rights including health services and education. 

The Sarawak Health Department provides health services through a network of static and mobile facilities that provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care to urban and rural populations. UNICEF is supporting Sarawak to develop the capacity of its health care staff, as part of an initiative to scale up child health delivery services and reduce child malnutrition.

UNICEF 2011-2015 Malaysia Country Program is focused on promoting development with equity to reduce disparities in society. It builds on the progress of the 2008-2010 Program in assisting poor, indigenous, migrant and other marginalised, vulnerable and at-risk children in the country.
UPM-UNICEF C4D Programme

Major Goal

Our focus is to raise awareness about the importance of health communication, as it can make important contributions to promote and improve the health of individuals, communities and society by using different communication strategies, people can be informed about their health and stay healthy.

The UPM-UNICEF C4D Programme will focus on conducting research and providing training and consultancy services with the aim of advocating evidence-based social development initiatives as enshrined in the philosphy of communication for development (C4D) under UNICEF.

UPM-UNICEF C4D Programme


To communicate mental health-related issue
To advocate awareness and participation in metal health-related issue
To empower the community to fight against stigma & discrimination
To promote sustainable development through communication research strategies and collaboration.


Our vision on this collaboration is to become a recognised expert referral in health communication for mental health development.
UPM-UNICEF C4D Programme


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c4d programme motto

We adopt the motto to ‘Advocate, Communicate & Empower’.

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